Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tonight I made dinner for my parents best friends/cousins
They have heard a lot about my cooking and they have been wanting me to cook for them for awhile and we finally got our schedules worked out to do it
So tonight I decided to make them pasta
Sandy wanted me to make my cream sauce with the chicken and broccoli because she doesn't like red sauce, but Randy wanted me to spice it up for him so i just decided to make him some of my marinara sauce because its always too spicy for my mom but my dad loves it and he and randy have very similar tastes so I figured he would like it

And I guess I was right about them liking it because while we were on our way home from the chiropractor we got a call to come back to their house because they wanted to give me a tip
Randy loved the marinara and sandy even liked it too
And they both loved the Alfredo
And of course the garlic bread
I did however forget to make them their bread pudding so I guess ill just have to make it sometime soon because I would really like some too!

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