Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So tonight was just a leftovers night because frankly we really needed to clean out the frig and my mom wasn't going to be home for dinner
So I decided to have my moms leftover general tso
From Flying Tiger
the best Chinese restaurant around!
So that's about it for dinner tomorrow my dad is grilling some stakes so I'm pretty excited about that, ill probably cook up some veggies or something with potatoes
It should be good, a perfect dinner for my last day of school!

Alright so this is like the best dessert ever!
I recently discovered these Jell-O mousse temptations and I love them
I always get the dark chocolate because its the perfect amount of richness and its just enough so you don't feel bad about it but you are left satisfied
Oh and I like to have mine with some nice ripe strawberries
because who doesn't like a nice chocolate covered strawberry

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