Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So apparently we have had some steaks sitting out in our other refrigerator for a few days so while I was at my class tonight my dad decided we should probably cook them up
So on my way home I picked up some corn and once I got home we got started on cooking everything
My dad decided to try salt crusting the steaks so to do that he simply coated them in kosher salt then let them rest on a rack for about a half and hour while we cooked everything else
then at the last minute before everything was done he threw them on the grill and cooked them to perfection
So as you can see these steaks were HUGE and we had 4 of them
let me remind you only three people live at my house right now
needless to say we had leftovers
which is probably a good thing since I have work tomorrow night so I wont be able to make my parents dinner
well any way it was really good and the fact that the steaks were kind of on the edge added with the salt crusting they were super tender and the meat just melted in your mouth
It was almost like eating prime rib

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