Friday, June 4, 2010

Extraordinary Burgers

Today was a really busy day for me, it started around 8 a.m. when my mom and I went to Yellow Springs to help out with the flower power (ladies have been making felt flowers for weeks now and they are now starting to sew them to polls and trees all over the town, its really neat)
Well anyway we helped out with that for a while then around 11 we got our coffees from brother bears and headed out to Dayton
I had to take this accuplacer test today so I would be eligible to do PSEO next year at Sinclair
So we got done with that around 12:30 then we headed to Beavercreek
btw I passed my test so it looks like PSEO is a GO!
So we did a little shopping in Beavercreek then we had to go to Bellbrook for another chiropractic visit.
Finally we went to the Greene to do just a little bit more summer clothes shopping
So after all of that, instead of have to go home and cook dinner my mom and I just had my dad meet us at the Greene so we could get some dinner there
We decided to go to the new burger place called Extraordinary Burgers (EO Burgers)
And we finally get to the food part

So my dad got their "Classic" Bacon Burger
I'm not sure how it can be a classic yet since it has only been around for a few months?

My mom got the Veggie Burger or Potobello Burger
Which in this picture looks like a big pile of onions and peppers
I promise though there was a big portobello mushroom under there...somewhere

And finally I got the Gobble Burger
It was as you can probably guess a turkey burger
And it was REALLY good!
It was really tender and juicy (which is a big concern with turkey, but I thought it was great) and it had this cranberry mayonnaise that just put it over the top
We also got some onion rings and fries as you can see, and those were really awesome as well
I decided that the onion rings had to have some corn meal in the batter because they had an awesome crispy texture that we all really liked
They also have some really great sauces and of course I had to try them all and I don't think I could pick my favorite because they were all so good
Well I think I have talked this place up enough to make you want to go try it, maybe
And I would totally encourage you to
I really enjoyed it and and I think my parents really did too
I have been inspired, there will be more burgers to come very soon!

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