Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blackened Chicken Breasts

Tonight for dinner I made blackened chicken breasts with some grilled vegetable couscous and a simple salsa type sauce
For the chicken I made a simple rub of chili powder, cumin, and some garlic powder
I patted the rub onto the chicken breasts then I cooked them in a nonstick pan on pretty high heat to sear both sides and give them that blackened color
I then covered the pan lowered the heat to let the chicken cook through
While I did that I got some diced bell peppers and onions cooking in another pan
once they were cooked I added some of the rub that I used for the chicken as well as some corn
I then allowed that to cool while I started the couscous
couscous is very simple all you need to do it bring the water or chicken stock to a boil then pour it on to the couscous, cover, and let stand for 5 minutes
When the chicken was done I pulled it out of the pan and let it rest while I finished the couscous
All I did to finish the couscous was fluff it with a fork and then added the veggies
I also deglazed my pan with some salsa to make a quick sauce
And there you have it blackened chicken breast with some grilled veggie couscous

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