Sunday, June 20, 2010


Today I made cupcakes for a photo shoot!
Alright my mom is doing some mad hatter tea party thing for her blog next week and she wanted some cute cupcakes to put set up
So naturally she asked me to make some
So I made chocolate cupcakes with multicolored pastel frosting
I really love cupcakes so I had no problem doing this for her if you can imagine and we even brought them to dinner for fathers day so the rest of the family got to enjoy them
My mom and I added a few garnishes to the cupcakes just to make them even cuter
This one has a few antique buttons that were my grandmas

This one was my favorite just because its my favorite color and the orange flower was so CUTE!

Cooper really wanted one of the cupcakes but I couldn't give him one so I just gave him a little frosting on one of his treats
He loved it!

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