Sunday, June 13, 2010

So today was a little busy
I had to go into my new job today to fill out my W2's before we open on Tuesday
Then after that my family and I headed off to a grad party and had a lot of good food there
Finally when we got home I had a few other things to do and then it was time for dinner
We still hadn't gone grocery shopping so I had no idea what I could cook so my dad just decided to pick up some chicken from the grocery store
So as you can see we had a simple dinner of fried chicken potato salad and a nice side salad
And yes while we were picking up the chicken we did pick up a few groceries so I will be making some better dinners soon
But I have to let you know I just got a job at this new restaurant downtown and I'm going to be working in the kitchen!
I'm really excited because the chef Drew is really awesome and he is excited to help me out and get me some good experience in the kitchen
I'm so excited because this is exactly the kind of job I have been looking for and it really just fell into my lap
I can't wait to get started and since I will probably be eating there a lot you will probably see a good portion of the menu
So you all should come out and visit I think this place is really going to be good

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