Friday, June 11, 2010

So our house is pretty much deprived of any food and we really need to go grocery shopping so my dad decided to give me the night off and so we just went out for dinner
We decided to go to this little restaurant in Jamestown called the Phoenix Restaurant
where every Friday they have all you can eat fish
needless to say we all got the fish
To go with mine I decided to get the broccoli salad and mac & cheese
Oh I just love broccoli salad!
I had it for the first time last spring and now I just can't get enough
Well the fish was great like always and we all ate to much
But when they say all you can eat who can resist?
Well after dinner my dad drove us all around Jamestown showing us the places of his childhood and the places where my great grandparents and grandma use to live and play with my aunts
I really enjoyed seeing all those places and just spending time with my parents
It was a really nice evening

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