Sunday, January 31, 2010

Missed Opportunities

Alright so I'm pretty mad at myself because i didn't have my camera with me at two very opportune moments to take pics of some good food today.

Early today my mom and I went to sams club and i was really craving a soft pretzel, and someone had told me that sams had pretty good ones, so i got one and oh man it was SOOOO GOOD! my favorite soft pretzels are from target and this one was very similar, I was very happy!
The second missed opportunity was at dinner, my dad decided to try out the restaurant/bar down our street called Nick's it recently came under new management and we have heard a lot of good things about it. It's pretty tight quarters but the food is good and the music was loud. Again sorry no picture but I'm sure we will be back!
I had a gyro with some nick's chips and it was delicious
Well as you can see i had to give you a picture of something so here was my dessert!
homemade chocolate chip ice cream, i say that because i put the chocolate chips in myself lol =]

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