Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blackened Tilapia!

Tonight i quickly threw together dinner because i had to plan and prep for the dinners I'm making tomorrow night. Haha so my mom has decided to rent me out to her friends as a personal chef! I needed to raise some extra money for my trip to Florida and this turned out to be the perfect way.
So anyway for dinner tonight i made tilapia seasoned with blackening spices and garnished with lemon slices. I also made some green beans and bulgur to go along with the fish.
Ive been baking my fish lately because its a little healthier for my dad and its easy to just throw it in there and let it go.
well tomorrows post is going to be interesting because I'm doing my first delivery meal and i have to make dinner for a family, my family, and some appetizers for a party!
I'm pretty excited about it and i really hope they will enjoy my food as much as my family does.
Sorry its so short again but its getting late and i still have school tomorrow so check back tomorrow to see what i make! =]

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