Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Saturday, another swim meet. Well this swim meet was at 7:00
this morning and like always i was starving when i got home so i decided to whip myself up a quick quesadilla! Yum

I found some red beans and rice that i had made a little earlier in the week so i heated that up and scrambled an egg into the mixture just to bind everything together and for a little more protein.

If you couldn't tell already I'm kind of a health nut when it comes to my cooking. So i put my filling into my whole wheat tortilla and then threw it back on the hot griddle to melt the cheese and to crisp up the tortilla. This is definitely one of my go to recipes for when i want something quick and easy to eat. It totally versatile as well, just through whatever leftovers you got in a pan with some egg and there you go, instant quesadilla

For dinner we had delicious herb roasted chicken!

Haha no i did not cook that, we picked it up at the store on our way home from church. Tonight i was off the hook because, for one we don't have much stuff in the house to cook for dinner right now and two i was extremely tired today from my swim meet and all i really wanted to do was go right to bed when we got home.
I did however cook some chili corn and baked potatoes to go along with the chicken.

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