Monday, January 25, 2010

Breakfast For Dinner

Tonight i made one of my all time favorite dinners,


I have noticed lately that a lot of people don't really like breakfast, WHAT? that's just crazy to me, I absolutely LOVE breakfast, it's definitely my favorite meal of the day and having it for dinner makes it just that much better =]

I'm the pancake pro in my family you can ask anyone lol. Actually pancakes were the first thing I started cooking for my family, I guess once i mastered that I just figured I could cook anything? I'm not sure. Well any way as you know I can never leave a recipe alone so I started adding my "secret ingredients" to my pancakes and my family really liked them so I became the official pancake maker of the house lol. Now I know what your thinking, aren't you going to tell us your secret ingredients? Well I'm sorry I just can't do that because if I did they wouldn't be secret anymore now would they? Sorry =[

What I will tell you though is that pancakes are even more amazing when add stuff to them! I have tried all kinds of things such as the classic blueberries, nutella, peanut butter, bananas, and even bacon! yes that's right bacon, inside the pancakes, I totally recommend it =]


  1. excuse me but after living a year and some odd months on nothing but pancakes i believe i could give you a run for your money! pancake off when im home! and the secret ingredients are........ jk i wouldn't do that!:)

  2. Ha we will see about that! and you don't know my secret ingredients i have changed them! =]