Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Flank Steak Fajitas

Tonight was my papa's turn to cook, he bought some flank steak the other night and he wanted to try making some fajitas! hey sometimes its nice to have a night off, and there are just somethings that my dad can make that i have yet to master so why mess up a good thing? =]

The flat top on our stove top is probably one of my favorite kitchen appliances that we have by far, its great for things like pancakes, burgers and any other kind of meat, because it creates a delicious crust on the outside that's just fantastic!
Now with flank stake you know, you have to cook it HOT and FAST or very LOW and SLOOOOOW, but we normally go for the fast version. My dad cranked the flat top to the max about 450-500 degrees and quickly seared the steak about 4min on each side, he added a little oil to the griddle once the steak was done and threw on the onions and peppers. The intense heat did good things to the veggies, pulling the sugars out and caramelizing them, Mmmm tasty stuff!
We sliced up the steak (across the grian of course) and assembled our fajitas, we gobbled nearly all of it up, so you know it must have been good!

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