Friday, January 22, 2010


So like i said yesterday I'm starting a kind of mini catering business, and tonight i made my first delivery!
Well i kind of had a hectic time getting all of it done because i forgot that I had swim team pictures today at 4:30 and i told my moms friend that i would have her appetizers ready by 5. So between 2:45 (when i got home from school) until 4:15 i was cooking like a MAD WOMAN!
But i got it all done and i feel extremely accomplished now that its all done =]
So the appetizers i decided to make were...
Rose merry and garlic shrimp!
Mini frittatas, half Italian style with peppers and onions and the other half with asparagus tips.
and finally Stuffed Mushrooms! Yummmm
I also made a baked pasta dish for another customer but i threw it in the oven right before pictures and my mom got it out for me and ready to deliver so i didn't get any pictures.
But my mom thought it smelled Delicious and she wanted to steel some for her dinner if that tells you anything =]

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  1. Miranda -
    Your pasta was TO DIE FOR!!!!!Alex and I both just gobbled it up - tasted even better than it smelled. (shared ONE serving with my walking friend and she raved about it too!)
    You have an amazing talent, young lady - one I do NOT possess. Congratulations to you for finding, and developing, your special gifts.
    Can't wait for what you prepare for us next.