Saturday, January 23, 2010

Huge Orange

Oh My God! Have you ever seen such a HUGE orange?

Its like the size of a grape fruit

I mean look at that peal, its like a quarter of an inch thick!
I don't know i guess this is normal for a naval orange but personally i think its just madness.

This post is beyond LAME this is just dumb but i can't help it i had a swim meet today (I only have 2 more then no more lame Saturday posts!) and we just got home around 10 o'clock and i didn't have my camera because well, cameras and water don't mix well and i would rather not take my chances =]

So anyway I'm sorry about this, i tried. When i got home i wasn't hungry, but i saw these oranges and they just looked really good and i knew i had to do a post, so there you go probably the lamest post ever but I'm tired and frustrated so don't complain lol

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