Saturday, January 2, 2010

So yesterday i was racing the clock to get my post in before midnight but i got it done! so today i decided i would actually explain what this blog is all about, so here it goes...
Recently i discovered that i have a HUGE passion for food, and i decided to give up my idea of going to medical school to follow my dream and go to culinary school. Well im a junior in high school right now and ive decided to start this blog to document every meal that i make/eat for one year. I think it will be fun and it will challenge me to create new dishes, i hope you enjoy! =]

Today i had a swim meet and i didn't get in until late and my parent had already eatin, so whats better than LEFTOVERS!

Haha you caught me i didn't make it, but props to Pompilios Restaurant in Newport, Ky. It was delicious! (even the second time around)

I did however make these little babies, also leftovers, mmm herbed pesto flat bread!

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