Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Tonight i made my second delivery meal!
My dad requested chicken tortilla soup, so i decided i would just make a double batch and deliver half and keep the rest for us. Well my recipe makes a HUGE amount of soup to begin with and doubling it is just craziness. So i had to grab the biggest pot i had and let me tell you when it was all said and done that pot was filled to the brim!
I have made this soup a few times now and I've got it down pretty well, but for some reason tonight it was EXTREMELY spicy! I turns out that the canned chili corn that i normally use does not add the same amount of spice as the chili tomatoes i decided to use this time oops =/
Well any way i toned it down a little by adding some honey to turn it into a sweet heat and my dad told me adding a little salt would also kill some of the extra heat. It turned out pretty good in the end, it was a nice flavor with just a kick of heat in the back of the throat. I liked it, but next time i think ill go back to the chili corn.
Of course you have to have dessert!
My dad and i wanted some ice cream so I had to go on an ice cream run after dinner. You know you get a lot of odd looks when your by yourself and you order a milk shake, a hot fudge sundae and another scoop of ice cream!
Oh and btw that's mint chocolate chip, my absolute FAVORITE! =]

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  1. People were just happy to see a very skinny girl trying to beef up! LOL Thanks again for a great meal and desert.