Friday, January 8, 2010

Again tonight my parents were not going to be around for dinner, so i decided to do my blog on today's lunch because it was a bit more interesting than my dinner of leftovers. =/
Today we had a snow day, so because i was home for lunch i decided to make a "salmon salad" sandwich, i guess you could call it. Its much like a tuna salad sandwich just made with salmon, I simply added a little mayo and pesto to the salmon and garnished with tomato and spinach leaves.

And for a late afternoon snack i made one of my newest concoctions! What i do is take a graham cracker and GENEROUSLY spread some peanut butter on it, then i drizzle a bit of honey on it and there you go. I swear it tastes just like a nutter butter! Mmmm For the second one i decided to make it a mixture of nutella and peanut butter, another wonderful combination!

The honey that i use is a lovely raw honey that my grandpa gave to us. Honey is an awesome ingredient sometimes i use it in baked goods as a replacement for sugar, it insures that muffins and things keep wonderfully moist!

I find it impossible to eat these one at a time, because i can never decide which to have first, Or last in that fact, as you can see i make my last bite a combination of both. =]

Oops all gone.