Saturday, May 22, 2010

Seafood Gumbo

Today my friend and I had a graduation party to go to so we decided that we should just go together and while we were out we should go to the festival that is going on at St Brigid, a local catholic church that has a annual festival right before summer
So we went to the festival first just to check it out because I have never been
Its pretty small and we didn't really feel like getting killed on the jank carny rides so we left kind of early and headed to the grad party
There was some really good food there stuff like mac and cheese, pulled pork, hot dogs and all the other good picnic foods
I ate a little there because I decided I wanted to go back to the festival and try some of their food later
The festivals food is all set up in different countries and regions and everything looked so good
I'm really not sure why I have never been to this thing?
I decided to go to the Cajun booth and get the seafood gumbo
It was really good, a lot better than I expected and the price was really reasonable
Well I'm not sure how late it's open tomorrow but I would really like to go back with my family and try more things
So you may be seeing more of this kind of stuff tomorrow

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