Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chili Dogs

Chili Dogs!
Tonight for dinner we made chili dogs with all the fixings
For me I like it with mustard, chili, fresh chopped onion, and cheese
It is such a simple dinner and something so American but I love it!
I had been wanting to make chili dogs for awhile but I figured my parents would never go for it, so I was just going to go for it one night and start making the chili then at the last minute pull out the hot dogs and force them to eat it lol
But what do you know it was actually my dads idea to make them tonight...go figure
My dad and I went to the grocery and he started looking at the hot dogs and he said that sounded good so I mentioned chili dogs and he went with it and so we got some for dinner.
My mom maid fun of us when we got home and she saw what we were making but she liked it.
Btw sorry Liz I know you wanted hot dogs while you were home, I promise we didn't make them tonight to make you jealous lol


  1. I love chili dogs! We wanted to have them at our wedding reception because it was in the mountains and we had a bluegrass group. My mom threw a fit! We had a gourmet meal... She and dad were footing the bill so no chili dogs for us! LOL