Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Dock

This weekend its just me and my dad so for dinner we decided to get some good seafood for dinner since me mom hates it
So we went to The Dock in Enon, Ohio
We both ate WAY to much but it was much to good to stop!
First off we got a appetizer of portobello strips
these things were so amazing I mean I already love portobello mushrooms, but then they went and deep fried them and added two awesome dipping sauces!
So good

Next came the salad
Alright I don't know what is in this dressing but it is amazing, its super garlicky but it also has this really nice sweetness to it
oh and instead of normal croutons they use fried pita chips
So after the salad I was already full and my meal wasn't even out yet!
But trust me I made room
So this is my dads meal, he got a pasta dish steamed in this parchment with langoustine, tilapia, and shrimp in an awesome cream sauce
sorry I didn't get a pic of the inside =/

And this is mine
alright I realize it doesn't look to appetizing but come on its a stuffed whole fish its not going to be to pretty
So I got the rainbow trout stuffed with crab and fried and served with roasted Rosemary new potatoes
Mmmm it was very good and it was my first experience eating a whole fish, but good thing I knew to look out for those pin bones because otherwise it could have been a bad night lol
oh and I also made sure to get the cheek meat because its always the best piece but many don't know about it, thanks Andrew Zimmern

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  1. I am glad I was not with you! If you go with us the next time we go to The Dock you are not sitting at our table! Yuck! Liz says Yuck too!