Sunday, May 9, 2010


First off I would just like to say
to all you wonderful mothers out there. I hope you had a great day
For our mothers day my family and I went to City Barbecue
I usually get a pulled pork sandwich when I go there but today I was really feeling like ribs!
So I got the half slab platter and my mom and I both got different sides and shared
we got hush puppies, cole slaw, green beans, and potato salad!
It was all so delicious and I ate to much but some how I made room for some Graeters ice cream and cake!
Well that's about it for today and I know what your thinking
where is the awesome breakfast in bed and what not?
Well Ill have you know that I normally do that on mothers day but my moms not a big breakfast person and she didn't really want it this year so don't think I didn't try
Just wait come fathers day Ill probably make something awesome because my poppa LOVES breakfast! (just like me)

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