Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pork Chops & Veggie Kabobs

Tonight for dinner I made pork chops and veggie kabobs
My mom and I had gone to the grocery and while we were there we saw these pre cut veggies for kabobs so we decided to get those along with some thick cut pork chops
This was a very quick simple meal because well I have been cooking for about 6 hours today making all the desserts for a graduation party that is tomorrow
So while I had a break between baking I started on dinner
I seasoned the pork chops very simply with salt, pepper, and a little bit of granulated garlic
I then skewered the kabobs and got them on the flat top on really high heat
Once I flipped the kabobs I then started the pork chops on the flat top and everything was done about the same time
My mom and dad really liked the pork chops and my mom made sure to let me know that i cooked them just the way she likes them
because she really hates tough pork chops lol
So I have decided that I will just post all the desserts tomorrow because I am just so tired and ready for bed
but be prepared there will be a lot tomorrow

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