Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Tonight I made breakfast for dinner as requested by my mom
As you can see I made pancakes bacon and eggs
I really love making big breakfasts like this but I never feel like having it for breakfast because it just makes me feel really lazy and sluggish all day so when we are in the mood for a big breakfast like this we just make it for dinner lol
Don't tell me you have never done this?

Ok so yesterday I bought these Luna protein bars because I have really been wanting to try them and a lot of people say they are really good
So today at school I brought the Cookie Dough one to have with my lunch and it was REALLY good. I wasn't expecting it to be covered in chocolate and basically like a candy bar but it was!

Its kind of like a healthier candy bar alternative

it has about the same amount of calories about 180 but its full of 12 grams of protein and some fiber and lots of good vitamins and minerals that are good for women so its basically the perfect snack for women, especially for PMS =]

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