Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fillet Mignon

Tonight for dinner I made Fillet Mignon!
Oh and I almost forgot... it was wrapped in BACON!
To go with it I made a barley risotto with mushrooms and asparagus
The risotto had an awesome flavor, very earthy with the mushrooms and the asparagus added that bit of fresh veggie flavor
It was a perfect complement to the steaks

So today after dinner I was looking in the freezer for maybe some ice cream or something and to my surprise I found these?
I wasn't sure who got them and what for but then I knew it had to have been my mom
(You see when I was little my grandma used to always have these colored marshmallows in the freezer and my sister and I used to always play with them and eat them whenever we were over at her house)
I always tell my mom these funny stories about all the odd food my grandma used to have when we were little and how when I see them now I'm reminded of her
So when I found these I asked my mom if she was trying to be like her mother and she said she got them for me because she wanted it to to be something special for me
just something fun to bring back memories
I love that about my mom she just likes to do things to make people happy...
I think I'm the same way

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