Friday, May 21, 2010

Fish Tacos

Today my family and I had to take my sister to Cincinnati so she could catch her bus back to Chicago for school
So my dad wanted to take us all out to eat before she left
When we got to Cincinnati we weren't sure where to go eat because we all had different ideas, so my dad suggested Don Pablo's
We all decided that sounded really good because we haven't been there in a really long time so that's where we went
I got the grilled fish tacos because I have really been wanting to try fish tacos and I just figured they would be pretty good there
And they really were!
they came with this cilantro vinaigrette sauce that was REALLY good and the tacos were both so big that I could only eat one, that might have had to do with all the chips and salsa I had before my dinner not to mention the queso fire bean dip appetizer
That stuff was so good!
well any way my meal came with beans and rice but I decided to substitute the rice for some of their delicious corn spoon bread, I love that stuff
So all together everything was amazing and we all decided that we need to visit Don Pablo's more often
Oh and what would a day be without some COFFEE!
Yeah my sisters bus stop is right across the street from a Starbucks and it never fails we always have to visit and sample some of their beverages and delicious confections!

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