Thursday, March 11, 2010

Turkey Loaf

Turkey meat loaf
I have been hesitant for a while to use ground turkey because I knew my dad wouldn't like it but I finally decided to try it, you couldn't even tell it was turkey.
I have also been afraid to use turkey because I have always heard that it can be very dry, well again this recipe proved that wrong because this meat loaf was not the least bit dry.
The loaf includes sauteed onions and mushroom, which I loved, and it has some Worcestershire and soy sauce which helped a lot to flavor the meat and make it almost beefy.
The sauce on the top of the loaf is an easy ketchup sauce made of ketchup(obviously), brown sugar, nutmeg and a little mustard powder.
It was all very yummy and my dad approved which is a plus!
I'm slowly converting him =]

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