Friday, March 26, 2010

Buffalo and Blue Cheese Salad

Today my friend and I decided to go to the local hippie town of Yellow Springs lol
well we wanted to go because Heath Ledger's last film was playing in the little art theater and we really wanted to see it.
Well turns out it wasn't playing anymore
So we decided to go get coffee at this awesome little coffee shop down town, then after that we decide to go get dinner
Ok I know we did that backwards but that is how we like it
So while we were at dinner my parents happened to show up at the same restaurant so we invited them to join us
I decided to get the Fried Chicken salad but as you can see I swapped the fried chicken for grilled and I got it with Buffalo sauce and blue cheese dressing!
It was REALLY good and I don't know if you can tell but it was HUGE
It was a very nice evening and it was fun to hang out with my parents, now how many teenagers say that =]
BTW sorry this is kind of late Bethany and I went to go see Avatar and as you might know that movie is really long, but it was amazing

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