Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Italian Beef Sandwich

Yep it was another recipe from my mag tonight, this time Italian Beef Sandwiches
(Chicago style)
Now considering my sister lives in Chicago and I have visited her multiple times you would think I would have had an authentic Italian Beef from its birth place, but nope this was my first experience.
But let me tell you I plan on visiting sometime this summer and I assure you I will be try as much of the traditional Chicago cuisines as possible!
This was the lovely roast after its 8 hour bath in the crock pot.
It was about as tinder as you could get, I couldn't even slice it because it just feel apart.
The pepper and onion topping, something I make often and my family loves!

Oh and this stuff, it is one of my new favorite condiments!

Its pickled chopped peppers and it is a little hot a little tangy and all delicious

It gave the sandwich just that little extra pop of flavor

Oh and if any of you who know anything about an Italian beef I will tell you now that I did not let those lovely juices from the roast go to waist, we all made sure to dip our sandwiches just like true Chicagoans lol

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