Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Broccoli and Cheddar Frittata

I made a broccoli and Cheddar frittata for dinner tonight because well when I opened the frig I saw that we had 3 FULL cartons of eggs! I'm not sure why we have so many, but we do so I thought a frittata would be a good way to use up some of them.
We didn't have the usual ingredients that I use in my frittatas like bell peppers and sausage, but you can really make a frittata with whatever you got. So I found a bag of frozen broccoli and i decided to make a nice cheesy frittata with broccoli!
I sauteed an onion that I diced and when that had softened I added the broccoli to the pan and covered it to let the broccoli steam for about 5 minutes.
Meanwhile I started my egg mixture by beating 5 whole eggs and 5 egg whites together with a little bit of cream, some cottage cheese, cheddar cheese and salt and pepper to season. When the broccoli was tinder I removed it from the heat then added it to the egg mixture.
I then added a little more oil to my pan and poured the whole mixture in.
I cook my frittatas on a very low temp until everything is just about set except for a little bit of the middle, then I finish it off under the broiler and top with more cheese.

While the frittata cooked I started on my home fries! I cut up the potatoes and boiled them just until they were fork tender, no more or else your home fries will be mushy and not crisp and crunchy. I drained them off then added them to a HOT pan with both olive oil and butter and I don't touch them for the first like 5 or so minutes, let them sit and develop that yummy crust. Well after that you can season with whatever you like, I do garlic salt and pepper, then you can toss and continue crisping the potatoes on all sides.

I do love this dinner, its so simple and versatile...plus leftovers make a delicious breakfast!

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