Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ruben on Rye

Tonight I had my first ever RUBEN!
My papa and my sister and I all went out to dinner tonight at this little restaurant/bar right down the street from us called Nick's
It recently came under new management and they have really got the place going again, they have a full parking lot almost every night and the weekends are ridiculous I don't know how everyone fits inside.
well any way I decided to get the Ruben because I have never had one before and after watching all those travel channel food shows I decided I would probably like it
plus now that I know I like sauerkraut I was a lot more willing to try one.
About 2 years ago I actually had the chance to eat at the famous CARNEGIE DELI in NYC, but I was not fully in my foodie stage and my sister and I thought the place looked a little sketchy so needless to say we did not eat their for dinner.
So once we get back we see the place on one of those top places to eat count downs and I kind of let it slip that the food actually looked pretty good, oops, I don't think my dad will ever let me live it down =/
Well its just another excuse to visit the BIG APPLE! =]

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