Monday, April 12, 2010

Noodles with Roast Beef and Peanut Sauce

So tonight I decided to try another recipe from one of my cooking mags
This one I tweaked a bit because it really called for roast pork but I had leftover shredded beef from last night so I just used that. I also swapped out the almond butter for peanut butter because if you don't know almond butter is like $16 a jar, a little ridiculous if you ask me!
So this was a pretty interesting flavor, but I liked it! I specially like the green onions in it, they kind of cut through all the richness of the peanut butter
So I found the recipe online so here it is if you would like to try
Maybe if you actually make it with the almond butter you will like it better
Let me know if you do?

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