Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Burgers and Smores

My parents came home today and my dad just wanted something simple for dinner so I made some good old hamburgers
But one of my classes tomorrow is having a party so I decided to make a delicious dessert!
This is how I made them
First I melted 3tbs of butter along with one 10oz bag of marshmallows

Then I added 6 cups of rice cereal and stirred until it was all coated evenly
I poured the mixture onto a buttered sheet pan and pressed it into an even sheet

I then repeated these steps in order to make a second sheet of rice krispies

One sheet of rice krispies gets marshmallow fluff

and the other gets CHOCOLATE!

Finally I sandwiched them together then refrigerated it until the chocolate and fluff was set enough to cut into squares
These things are AMAZING super crunchy and sticky and gooey all at the same time!
and you can definitely let them sit at room temp if you like the chocolate to be a little less solid
I hope everyone at school like them =]

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