Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cake Truffles

Today I made cake truffles!
these are something I saw on food network a while back and I have been wanting to try them
mind you this is not exactly how I saw them made
The one I saw were on a stick and called cakes pops but I like my way

To starts simply bake you favorite cake
for me I chose spice cake

next crumble it all up and throw it in the mixer

mix until the cake is almost sand like

then either use homemade icing or you can doctor some store bought
I used store bought cream cheese icing and added some vanilla and cinnamon to it
Add as much icing as you like to the cake crumbs
not to much just enough to make it stick together and mailable

Finally roll your cake mixture into balls and refrigerate
I froze mine but either way works

And lastly use melted white chocolate to either drizzle or dip your cake truffles in
The only reason I drizzled mine was because I have terrible luck with any melted chocolate let alone white chocolate
I would recommend refrigerating before serving to allow the chocolate to set and so the icing doesn't melt and get all sticky
I really love this recipe and I think I will be making these a lot more often for parties and what not and I hope you liked it also and try it with your favorite cake

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  1. I recently made these and found dipping a royal pain I like your drizzle method better, so the next time I will definitely try your method Thanks for posting!