Sunday, July 25, 2010


Well today was the day my sister left town we had to drop her off at her bus in cincy around 6:30 so my dad decided we should go out to dinner as a family before she left
He chose to go to his favorite restaurant
Its in Aurora Indiana right on the river and the food is amazing!

Every meal starts off with their homemade ciabatta and apple butter

I got a salad with my dinner
I mean where can you go wrong there?

My sister and my dad ordered a bowl of french onion soup
so of course I had to try it
They definitely do it the right way
with lots of soft bread and TONS of melty cheese dripping down the sides
In my opinion that is the only way

For my main course I decided on the baked Mahi Mahi with mandarin orange glaze and a baked sweet potato
I really enjoyed this dish and mahi mahi was cooked great and the glaze was delicious but I found I really liked topping it with horseradish
You see my sister got the horseradish crusted salmon but she asked for the horseradish on the side because shes really not the most adventurous eater
and like suspected she didn't like it so I took artistic liberties and added it to my dish
I loved it!

And we musent forget dessert
Applewood makes the absolute best bread pudding I have ever had and it happens to be where I stole my recipe from for my bread pudding
The bread itself it spiced and the custard makes it to moist and the use of apple pie filling just gives it that special Applewood touch
Oh and the amaretto sauce just puts it over the top
Its a humble dessert and not one that everyone it a fan of but if you haven't had this bread pudding it could convert you

Alright so this is where the real story begins
My sisters bus got delayed 3 hours and since its a Sunday nothing is really open after 6 so we spent the time driving around cincy and Kentucky and being a cliche family
but finally around 9:45 the bus arrived and my sister went home
But my parents and I believe it or not were quite hungry so as you can see we made a late night stop to whit castle
One of the greater fast food establishments we have in America
and like waffle house its better after night fall

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