Sunday, February 21, 2010

Im Back

And so it begins!
the food synopsis of my trip
Now these pics are not edited because I just didn't have the time to do that, and I have already put it off a day so here we go...

Sunday started off VERY early...4:30am!
of course i needed a coffee
the second part to my lovely airport breakfast

Lunch in Magic Kingdom!
tuna salad, fries and apple crisp.
(oh so the meal vouchers we got gave us an entree, side, dessert, and drink....EVERY MEAL)
I don't think i have ever eatin so much.

Dinner in Magic Kingdom
Chili Cheese Dog, fries, and brownie.

Little night time treat, citrus swirl ice cream

MondayVeggie Omelet and home fries

Mmmm I haven' t had this stuff in forever!

the best way to enjoy sushi, in the grocery store parking lot

Pancakes and the thinnest bacon i have ever had in my life!

Lunch at Animal Kingdom
Mandarin chicken salad and cheesecake

Dinner in Epcot (Germany)
Bratwurst with sauerkraut

How is this for a dessert?


Oatmeal and banana! oh and soy milk

this is me trying to be healthy at least one day of the trip.

Lunch at Sea World
chicken and steak fajitas
strawberries with chocolate sauce for dessert

(i only got it because it came in that snazzy Shamu bowl!)

We had dinner in Down Town Disney, at a place called T-Rex
it was like a buffet so I just took pics of dessert.



How cute is that?

Luch at Hollywood Studios
Asian Salad

Chocolate Mouse

Dinner at Hollywood Studios (PIZZA PLANET)

Aww Mickey rice crispy!


Last breakfast at the hotel =[

Cinnamon Roll and fruit bowl

Lunch at the ATL airport

Charley's Philly Cheese Steak and fries

Well that night i got home close to 9 o'clock

then my papa took me to Perkins and I told him all about my trip =]

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