Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Tonight was another test night, I'm supposed to make gnocchi sometime next week I think and we have had it sitting in the cabinet for a few weeks so i decided i would make it tonight.
I'm really getting very good at this marinara sauce of mine, I could probably make it with my eyes closed lol
So that's all I did, I quickly made up my sauce then dropped the gnocchi which only cook a quick 3-4 minutes, I love these little things because they let you know exactly when they are ready because they float up to the top of the water! Well when they were all done I skimmed them off the top and added them to my sauce and tossed it all together.
while I was at the store today I found these wheat rolls that looked REALLY good after working out for 2 hours haha. so for those I just split them and slathered them in garlic butter and sprinkled them with Italian seasoning and baked them until they where hot and crisp!
Well that was dinner and it was delicious =]

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