Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Creamy Wild Rice and Chicken Soup

So today when i walked out of school the sky was PORING snow lol is that possible?
Well anyway when I got home and was thinking of what to make for dinner I decided to make soup, because soup is always what you want when its cold and snowy outside.
So I made Creamy Wild Rice and Chicken Soup!
Ok i will start out by saying this was a box mix, but like always I threw my own little spin on it.
To start the soup I cooked down an onion and a few stocks of celery and while those cooked I boiled a chicken breast to add to the soup because I thought it needed a little more protein. On a side note I would like to ask what kind of mutant chickens are they getting these HUGE chicken breasts from? it baffles me.
Alright well anyway I also decided to use the broth from the chicken breast to substitute for about half of the water just to give it a little extra flavor. Well I shredded up the chicken breast and added it to the soup, it had to simmer for about an hour because of the rice but once it was all done I toasted up a few more of those rolls and that was that.


  1. mmmm i just had this out of a can! i would like to try yours!

  2. well like I said it was a mix but I think I could figure out how to make it from scratch lol