Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chicken Parm

I didn't have any homework today, or at least I'm putting it off because I don't have to go to school tomorrow lol. So i decided I would take a nap because I have just been crazy overloaded this week, coming back from Florida to all this work has been stressful!
Well needless to say I had a VERY nice nap, it was actually more of a 3 hour hardcore sleep. Well since I didn't wake up until around 7 p.m. we decided to just have leftovers.
We had a piece of Chicken Parmesan leftover from this amazing Italian restaurant that my parents friends brought us, so I had that. It was delicious!
Well tomorrow I'm going out to dinner with some of my girlfriends to Red Robin so I'm pretty excited about that, it should be good!

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