Saturday, August 14, 2010

Today was another day off for me
Which at my house is not really a day off since I still have to cook for my parents
But at least I don't have to do it for 6 hours straight
So what I decided to make my parents tonight was actually one of the first meals I ever cooked for them by myself
It has much improved though
What I made was pork chops and mashed potatoes with pan gravy and mixed veggies
These pork shops are so simple to make and best of all its a one pan deal and by making the gravy you get a kick start on the clean up
You see after cooking the chops in the pan you have all though lovely brown bits and are full of flavor but a hassle and a half to clean
So why not take to extra step and add a bit of flour to the residual fat and make a roux
Then add milk and with a whisk scrub away at those little brown lovelies
And vuala clean pan and in the process you made a delicious gravy!
Now you can either smother your chops or some delicious mashed potatoes
Or in my case both

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