Friday, August 20, 2010

Johnny Cakes

So tonight I was in the mood again to experiment so I decided to try and make my version of Johnny cakes
See at work we have these things called johnny cakes which are basically little honey corn meal pancakes that we serve with our pulled pork
I absolutely love these things and I just wanted to see if there was an easier way to make them at home
Well I think I figured it out
After some trial and error I think I got it
But the thing is I don't have measurements exactly
But here is basically how I made them
I mixed a little pancake mix with some corn meal
not exactly equal a little more corn meal
Then I added some water, milk, sugar, honey, and a bit of melted butter
Now these things are a little finicky to cook so you kind of have to practice to get it right but they are definitely delicious and make an awesome breakfast or a side dish for dinner
or even a snack either way these things are AMAZING!

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